Pictogramme feuille

Medicinal plants to discover

Come and discover the beautiful medicinal plants linked to the elements “water” (on the edge of the Allier) and “fire”, growing on basalt soil, rich in silica.  On these acidic rocks resistant to erosion, brightly colored flowers brighten up the landscapes.  There are plants rich in organic silica such as rushes, sedges, grasses, but also horsetails.  As its signature shows, horsetail or Equisetum arvense, is indicated for any osteoarticular disorder by remineralizing weakened bones following a fracture, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis but also by promoting the reconstitution and protection of cartilage by fixing calcium on the bones. The organic silica present in the stems of many plants gives them great flexibility, fineness without rigidity.   In the human body, the element Silicon is found in the skin, hair and nails. Come and meet trees with medicinal virtues such as chestnut (used in herbal medicine as a remedy against “heavy legs”), ash (formidable drainer of the digestive system), walnut (remedy against intestinal dysbiosis), but also herbaceous plants such as tansy (remedy against dyspepsia), bédégar (in herbal tea, with remarkable astringent virtues, used in particular against diarrhea), meadowsweet (with the same active ingredients as willow, at the origin of aspirin, against headaches, flu state) and many other wonders of nature… I am waiting for you to meet them!

illustration plantes sauvages